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Celtic Mens Stainless Steel Watch

Interlace Motif

Celtic Mens Stainless Steel Watch

A stunning mens stainless steel watch from Ireland. 'Mogons' features a celtic interleaving motif on a black dial with the Trinity emblem on the dialer. Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland

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Mogons Celtic Stainless Steel Mens Irish Watch  

  • Mens Stainless Steel Watch
  • Made in Dublin, Ireland
  • 3ATM Waterproof
  • Calendar Quartz Japanese Movement
  • Lumininous hands
  • Black dial with grey insert
  • Etched black interlacing motif
  • Trinity emblem on the winder
  • Fast releas snap with four removable links for shortening (split pins)
  • Dustproof construction 
  • Diameter 1.25" inch (33mm)
  • 3 Year Battery
  • 1 Year Guarantee  
  • Comes in presentation box


British Celtic God of Healing, later known in Wales as Nudd and in Ireland as Nuada. He was sometimes identified with the regenerative Silvanus and his companion, the dog: a deerhound whose lick could cure the afflicted. At one time, Mogons was the leader of the gods, but he was wounded in battle and lost his hand. Gofannon, the divine-smith, made him a new one out of Silver.


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