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Connemara Marble Carved Owl

Irish Connemara Marble

This superbly crafted old style Bud Vase from Connemara Marble, is a rare stone found only in a remote part of the West of Ireland. The height of the Vase is 15cm or 6" inches.


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Carved Owl

  • Crafted from 700 million Year old Irish Connemara Marble
  • Made in Ireland
  • Available in 2 sizes 
  • Important - Please note that due to the nature of Connemara Marble the shade of green can vary a lot from light to dark shade, depending on the material available at the time carving was made. No 2 pieces of Connemara Marble are the same color.


  • 3" or 5" inches 

Connemara Marble

Connemara is a large peninsula in the west of County Galway. It is one of the last remaining Irish/Gaelic speaking parts of Ireland. The famous green and white Connamara marble, famed for its beauty, its color and its, was formed more than 700 million years ago.

The marble is mined from deep under the 12 Bens Mountains. In ancient times, the beautiful Connemara marble was used for trading and barter. In more recent times Connemara marble was often used in the construction of granda and stateley buildings.

However in current times, Connemara Marble has become synonymous with fine quality jewellery. It enhances jewellery and is becoming more and more popular.

No two piecies of Connemara marble are identical so you are buying a totally unique piece of jewellery.