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Irish Turf Clocks

Our turf clocks are skillfully handcrafted from 5000 year old Irish boglands, the oldest in Europe. Dried turf peat makes a very robust material and perfect for sculpture

Turf Craftwork has revived in Ireland in recent years. Each piece is individually handcrafted and totally unique.

Bring a unique piece of Irish history into your home. 

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3 Irish Turf Clocks Items

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Turf Tara Celtic Clock
(Handcrafted in Ireland)

Turf Tara Celtic Clock

Price: $ 59.50

Tara Celtic Irish Clock. Crafted from Irish Turf that is thousands of years old. Tara, the...

Grandfather Irish Turf Clock 6" Tall
(5000 Year old Peat)

Grandfather Irish Turf Clock 6" Tall

Price: $ 65.00

Irish Grandfather Clock with a difference. This is handmade from 5000 year old Irish Turf. A really...

Ireland Map Miniature Clock
(Handcrafted from Irish Turf)

Ireland Map Miniature Clock

Price: $ 45.00

Irish Map Miniature Clock. Handcarved in Irish dried peat turf from Europe's oldest boglands, this...