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St Brigid's Cross Turf Plaque

Handcrafted Large Plaque

Irish handcrafted St Brigid's Cross Turf Large Plaque. Fashioned here in Ireland from 5000 year old turf. The St Brigid's Cross is one of the best known Irish symbols worldwide and is believed to be a portent of good luck.


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St Brigid's Cross Turf Large Plaque

  • Made in Ireland
  • 5000 year old Irish Peat Turf
  • Beautifully presented 
  • The St Brigid's Cross is a portent of good luck for your home


  • Height: 7" inches
  • Width: 7" inches

Legend of St Brigid's Cross

St. Brigid was a 5th century Irish saint who was known for her wisdom, compassion, hospitality and healing. While visiting a dying pagan chieftain, she is believed to have picked up some rushes from the floor and woven them into a cross, like the ones we see today.

St. Brigid's day is celebrated on 1st February, the first day of Spring. In preparation, children would collect rushes and weave crosses. They would take these crosses to local houses where they would walk around the house and then knock on the door saying St. Brigid's blessing:

'Go down on your knees,
Open your eyes,
And let St. Brigid in

To which the household would reply:
'Hail, Hail, the noble woman'

After repeating this three times the cross would be placed in the home to protect the family from misfortune and hunger. St. Brigid's day is still celebrated in Ireland today and you will still find a St. Brigid's cross in most Irish homes.

Ireland 5000 Years Ago

In Ireland the Great Elk wandered through the forests and mountains, it was a land of sweeping mists, gentle rain and  soft sunlight.

A land of pagan carvings and mysterious rituals.

A land when the soothing lilt of the harp floated over cool crystal lakes and rivers.

It was a time of Cu Chulainn and Queen Maeve and the Red Branch Knights.

This was, indeed the Celtic Twilight.

Today we have captured the very essence of that era.

Turf from that golden age has been excavated and hand carved to create our unique rang of turf ornaments