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Blarney - Cork - Color

St Ann's Hill

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Photo Details

  • County: Cork
  • Town: Blarney
  • Scene: St Ann's Hill
  • Date: 1910 (estimate)
  • Digitally remastered


  • 10' x 8' printed on quality photo paper
  • Also available mounted & framed, ask for details
  • Colour images can be printed in black& white if preferred.
  • Read about Blarney below


Blarney (An Bhlárna in Irish) is a village in the south of Ireland, located 8km northwest of Cork in the Republic of Ireland. It is the site of Blarney Castle, home of the legendary Blarney Stone.

Kissing the Blarney Stone

By kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, it is claimed that one can receive the 'Gift of the Gab' (eloquence, or skill at flattery or persuasion). The legend has its roots in the response of the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth I to Cormac Teige McCarthy's attempt to blandish his way out of a difficult situation, during negotiations of the takeover of the Blarney Castle by the occupying English forces. Cormac himself was the King of Munster, living in the Blarney Castle around the 14th century. The stone itself is rumoured to have been created by a witch during the middle ages.


Blarney village is a major tourist attraction in County Cork. Mostly people come to see the castle, kiss the stone, and go shopping.

The centre of the village is dominated by The Square - a grass field where Blarney locals and the townpeople from Cork City journey to during the summer. Activities include soccer, sunbathing and other recreational activities.

Various attempts to beautify the square over the years have always been met with stiff objection from the locals. Previous uses include a market square.

Transport & communications

  • It is proposed that the town will be connected to Cork City and the rest of Metropolitan Cork by train in 2008
  • Nearest airport Cork International Airport