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Templemore - Tipperary - Main St

old Irish photo

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Photo Details

  • County: Tipperary
  • Town: Templemore
  • Scene: Main St
  • Date: 1910 (estimate)


  • Digitally remastered
  • 10' x 8' printed on quality photo paper
  • Also available mounted & framed, ask for details
  • Colour images can be printed in black& white if preferred.
  • Read about Templemore below


Templemore (An Teampall Mór, meaning The Big Church, in Irish) is a town in County Tipperary in Ireland. Since February 1964, the town has been the site of the Garda Síochána College, the centre for training Ireland's police force. Templemore is on the Dublin — Cork Railway Line operated by Iarnród Éireann.

The town is situated in the administrative county of North Tipperary and is on the N62 National route which joins Athlone with Thurles and the N8. The market square with its Town Hall in the centre of the town is reputed locally to be the widest in either Ireland or Britain, and backs on to an extensive wooded Town Park and lake. The town is of Georgian style architecture with three storey houses on the main street built by Sir John Carden II, a 19th century landlord.


Following the burning of the Blackcastle, Carden built a new estate. He built a mansion known as the Priory. The architecture of the Priory was of Elizabethan era. The priory was a demesne which had a formal garden with paved paths around an artificial lake. They also kept the ruins of the old church and graveyard. These were kept as conversational pieces, which was typical of that time. At the entrance is the gate keepers lodge. After 1860, the Priory was changed tothe Abbey.

In 1920 buildings were burnt down by Crown Forces or Black and Tans. The town was the site of the so-called Templemore miracles in the 1920s, when a holy statue purportedly began to bleed spontaneously. This caused Templemore to become a pilgrim town for a short time. Dan Breen - a famous Tipperary freedom fighter, and later a Fianna Fáil TD for Tipperary - said he always knew these 'miracles' to have been a nonsense but they did attract many sincere pilgrims at the time.

Near the town is the historic Loughmoe Castle at the nearby village of Loughmore.


The local secondary school is Our Lady's Secondary School


The local Gaelic Athletic Association club J.K. Brackens GAA and is named after Joseph Kevin Bracken, one of the founders of the GAA, who came from the town. His son, Brendan Bracken, who was a member of Winston Churchill's government during World War II, was born in Templemore.

The local soccer/association football club is Blackcastle United FC. The club is named after the Black Castle which is located in Templemore Town Park.

There is a golf course located at close to the Garda Síochána College just off the Thurles road, which is a nine hole course. Lakeside Pitch-and-Putt club is located beside the lake in the Town Park. It is affiliated to the Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland.

The local area is quite scenic and there are expansive views from the Devil's Bit mountain close by.