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Frame for 'A' Series Lavery 10 / Note

Customized frame

Frame to hold your original Irish Central Bank Lady Lavery 10 Shilling 10/ note, this piece makes a beautiful addition to any wall. Accompanying description box.


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Frame for 'A Series'  Lavery 10 Shilling note

The 'Lavery' 10 Shilling (10/) note had, like all the banknotes at the time, the portrait of Hazel Lady Lavery. Lady Lavery was the wife of a famous banker and politician and was reputed also to be a secret lover of Michael Collins. Lady Lavery was a renowned beauty of her time.


12" inches x 10" inches

Attractive mahogany style frame with gold trim

Colour: Orange

Size: 78 x 138 mm

Security feature: Main Watermark (Head of Erin)

Date on first notes: 10/9/28

Date on last notes: 6/6/68

More Information

The notes were designed by 'Mr John Harrison', a portrait engraver. All 'Lavery' notes depected a river mask on the reverse of the note. The 'River God Masks' were copies of the masks adorning the Customs House in Dublin.

The 10 Shilling 'River Mask' is one of the River Blackwater. All 'Lavery' notes were bi-lingual, English to the left and Irish (Gaelic) to the right. There were 302,600,000 of these notes issued, most were exchanged for the 50p decimal coin when in 1971. This is an original note in circulated condition.