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Malta Euro Pattern Set 2004

Year of Issue - 2004

Presentation folder of Malta Euro Pattern coins 2004. A pattern coin is a coin used for evaluating a proposed coin design or for a collectability factor, but is not legal tender.


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Malta Euro Pattern Set 2004

Limited Edition: Only 10,000 issued

Attractive illustrated Presentation Wallet with coins mounted in opaque capsules allowing viewing on both sides of coins.

No coin in this set has a legal tender value.

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Malta Euro Pattern Design Concept

Malta is joining the European Union at a time when this family of states is growing rapidly. The euro is now a resilient world currency and Malta will add further strength to the euro zone.

The popular holiday island destination which is the Republic of Malta is an independent parliamentary democracy situation in the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and North Africa. The typical honey coloured buildings, the cobbled streets, ancient cities and colourful history all contribute to a delightful atmosphere unique to Malta. The nation has (if one includes the islands of Comino and Gozo) an area of 124 square miles (320 square km) and a population of 386,000. Valletta is the capital city.

Malta was ruled for over 30 centuries by, in turn, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans, Arabs, Normans, the Knights of Malta, France and Britain. Napoleon seized Malta by treachery in 1795, but the French were driven out by a British-aided insurrection. In 1814 Malta became, voluntarily, a part of the British Empire and remained so until independence in 1964. Malta became a republic in 1974, but has stayed as a member of the Commonwealth ever since.

The Central Bank of Malta, when the nation adopts the euro, will choose images of historic interest to feature on the new coinage. Malta has a distinctive numismatic history, and this set of proposed euro designs, produced by INA Ltd in Birmingham , owes a great deal to those images previously seen on 20th century Maltese currency. Much of Malta's past coinage has been produced in the United Kingdom.

The Great Siege Monument features on the 5 euro coin, the 2 euro and 1 euro pattern coins. The monument was erected to commemorate a major epic saga in the history of Malta - the victory achieved in 1565 by the Knights Hospitallers and the Maltese against a numerically superior invading Ottoman force. The allegorical representations of Fortitude, Hope, and Faith were created by Antonio Sciortino (1879-1947) one of Malta's greatest and best loved sculptors. This outstanding work of art is situated at the side of St John's Cathedral, in Republic Street, Valetta.

Also featured on these pattern coins are the 12 stars of the European Union. The reverses of the 2 and 1 euro patterns depict a Maltese sailing ship with a distant panoramic view of Valetta. Ths ship's sail bears the distinctive Maltese Cross.

The 50 cent, 20 cent and 10 cent coins, struck in a golden alloy akin to Nordic Gold, have a detailed rendition of hte Tal-Imdina Gate, an inspiring structure at the heart of Malta. The famous landmark was pictured on the 1972 Maltese 2 Pound Coin.

The 5 Cent, 2 Cent and 1 Cent coins, struck in copper, feature a specially sculpted version of the George Cross awared, surrounded by the 12 stars of the European Union.

The British King George VI, awarded Malta the 'George Cross' on 15th April 1942. This was at a point in the Second World War when Britain's enemies appeared to have the upper hand and the British base in Malta was under attack day and night. King George wrote 'To honour her brave people I aware the George Cross to the Island Fortress of Malta to bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history'.