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Irish Harp Turf 3.5"

Small Plaque

Small handcrafted Irish turf decorative piece. Handcrafted in Ireland from 5000 year old Irish Turf this is a replica of an Irish Celtic Harp, the national symbol of Ireland. One of the range of turf ornaments available in our Irish gifts online shop.

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Small Irish Turf Har Decoration

  • Handcrafted from 5000 year old Irish Turf
  • The Harp is the national symbol of Ireland
  • Irish coinage also features the harp on reverse of each coin.


  • Height: 3.5 " inches
  • Width: 2.5" inches

Ireland 5000 Years Ago

In Ireland the Great Elk wandered through the forests and mountains, it was a land of sweeping mists, gentle rain and  soft sunlight.

A land of pagan carvings and mysterious rituals.

A land when the soothing lilt of the harp floated over cool crystal lakes and rivers.

It was a time of Cu Chulainn and Queen Maeve and the Red Branch Knights.

This was, indeed the Celtic Twilight.

Today we have captured the very essence of that era.

Turf from that golden age has been excavated and hand carved to create our unique rang of turf ornaments