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Irish Bronze Celtic Jewellery

Irish Bronze Celtic Jewellery
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Browse our unique Celtic Bronze Jewellery collection. Inspired by ancient Irish celtic art, our designs are based on the most well know bronze celtic decorative artefacts. Bronze is also a very affordable jewellery alternative to silver and gold.

Bronze is a metal alloy composed primarily of copper and tin. The Bronze Age in Ireland is often referred to as Ireland's "First Golden Age".

Settlers from France arrived in Ireland around 2000BC bringing their knowledge of bronze craftsmanship which was quickly adapted by the Native Irish to make a wide variety of bronze implements.

Prehistoric, celtic and megalithic art was used in the crafting of decorative items, particularly brooches.

Many of the most famous Bronze Age artefacts are housed at the National Museum of Ireland.

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Irish Bronze Celtic Jewellery Items (viewing 1 to 15 of 19)

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Celtic Warrior Viking Brooch
(With spirals)Irish Celtic Bronze Earrings
(Celtic knotwork)Celtic Bronze Bangle
(With snake heads)
Celtic Warrior Viking Brooch
With spirals
Irish Celtic Bronze Earrings
Celtic knotwork
Celtic Bronze Bangle
With snake heads
Price: $ 18.50

Price: $ 18.50

Price: $ 18.50

Celtic Torc Bronce Brooch
(Crafted in Ireland)Studded Celtic Bronze Brooch
(with red carnalian stone)Irish Studded Celtic Brooch
(Bronze & green agate)
Celtic Torc Bronce Brooch
Crafted in Ireland
Studded Celtic Bronze Brooch
with red carnalian stone
Irish Studded Celtic Brooch
Bronze & green agate
Price: $ 19.50

Price: $ 19.50

Price: $ 19.50

Irish Tara Bronze Brooch
(celtic, brown-red carnelian)Tara Celtic Bronze Brooch
(With green agate stone)Multi Stone Celtic Bronze Brooch
(carnelian onyx, agate)
Irish Tara Bronze Brooch
celtic, brown-red carnelian
Tara Celtic Bronze Brooch
With green agate stone
Multi Stone Celtic Bronze Brooch
carnelian onyx, agate
Price: $ 19.50

Price: $ 19.50

Price: $ 19.50

Celtic Dog Bronze Brooch
(with red-brown carnelian)Elegant Carnelian Bronze Brooch
(Irish Bronze)Celtic Bronze Eagle Earrings
(Eagle heads)
Celtic Dog Bronze Brooch
with red-brown carnelian
Elegant Carnelian Bronze Brooch
Irish Bronze
Celtic Bronze Eagle Earrings
Eagle heads
Price: $ 19.50

Price: $ 19.50

Price: $ 16.50

Intricate Celtic pattern Bronze
(Earrings)Celtic Claddagh Bronze Bracelet
(Love & Friendshp)Triangle Celtic Bronze Earrings
(Twin celtic knots)
Intricate Celtic pattern Bronze
Celtic Claddagh Bronze Bracelet
Love & Friendshp
Triangle Celtic Bronze Earrings
Twin celtic knots
Price: $ 16.50

Price: $ 16.50

Price: $ 14.50

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