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Brass Letter Openers

Brass Letter Openers
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Irish Brass handcrafted Letter Openers. These are made here in Ireland. A letter opener, also called a paper knife, is an knife like object used to open envelopes.

Letter openers are traditionally decorative and have an asthetic value as well as their practical use. During Victorian times craftsmen started to make very intricate and decorative letter openers.




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Claddagh Brass Letter Opener
(Handcrafted in Ireland)Irish Harp Brass Letter Opener
(National symbol of Ireland)Shamrock Brass Letter Opener
(Handcrafted in Ireland)
Claddagh Brass Letter Opener
Handcrafted in Ireland
Irish Harp Brass Letter Opener
National symbol of Ireland
Shamrock Brass Letter Opener
Handcrafted in Ireland
Price: $ 17.50

Price: $ 17.50

Price: $ 17.50

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