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Irish Coins & Bank Notes

Irish Coins & Bank Notes

We are delighted to present a selection of old and new framed Irish coins and bank notes sets covering the history of coinage and bank notes since the foundation of the state to the new Euro currency.

Prior to independence Ireland was pegged to sterling although Irish coins have been minted since as early as AD 995.

The state of Ireland has been issuing its own currency since 1928.

Pre-decimal coins and notes were issued until 1971 when decimal currency was introduced.

Since Jan 1, 2002 Ireland has adapted the Euro currency.

Irish Coins & Bank Notes Subsections

Framed Irish Bank Notes
# Items in this Subsection: 30

Framed Irish Bank Notes

Framed old Irish Bank Notes. We sell a range of beautifully presented old Irish bank notes in special customized frames, includes Lavery, B Series, C Seres & Ploughman reproductions.

Framed old Irish Coin Sets
# Items in this Subsection: 20

Framed Irish Coin Sets

Framed old Irish Coins presented in attractive customized frames. Suitable for the collector or as a great gift item.

Irish Euro Coin Sets
# Items in this Subsection: 25

Irish Euro Coins

Presentation packs of Irish Euro Coin sets, includes official Central Bank of Ireland and privately produced Irish Euro coin packs

Pattern & Nostalgia Coin Sets
# Items in this Subsection: 15

Pattern & Nostalgia

We sell a range of Euro Pattern and Nostalgia sets. Patterns are fantasy coins, these are privately produced non tender Euro coin sets for collectors for countries not yet in the Euro Zone

Irish Coins & Bank Notes Bestsellers