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Framed old Irish Coin Sets

We sell a range of attractive Irish framed coin sets and old Ireland coins ranging from pre-decimal coin sets to the new Euro currency.

Our frames are specially custom made for each coin collection and are unique. These collections are suitable both the the coin collector enthuasiast as well as the Irish history enthusiast.

Collections available include halfpenny, penny and sixpence collections.

We also have a selection of framed selections of pre-decimal and decimal coins.


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7 Framed old Irish Coin Sets Items

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Framed Coins of Great Britain Pre-Decimal
(Used in Ireland)
Irish Coins 1939 - 1969 includes Pearse 10/
(Opaque presentation)
Framed 8 Coin Set Irish Coins 1939 - 1969
(Opaque presentation)
Price: $ 49.50
Price: $ 115.00
Price: $ 79.50
Free State Coins of Ireland 1928 - 1937
(Framed Opaque presentation)
Framed Irish Decimal & Euro Coin Sets
(Opaque Brown frame)
Framed Irish Ha
Price: $ 109.50
Price: $ 65.00
Price: $ 19.99
Ireland & GB Embossed Coins
(on 1910 Postcard)

Ireland & GB Embossed Coins

on 1910 Postcard
Price: $ 70.00