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Humorous Horse Racing Pic

A humorous look at horseracing with these eye catching comical pictures of horses and jockeys when things do not go quite according to plan !

While horse racing is both a dangerous and high stakes sport, nevertheless it also occasionally, as these pictures show, provides some wonderful comical moments when mishaps befallen horse and jockey.

Pictures available in 2 formats; mounted or framed.


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6 Humorous Horse Racing Pic Items

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Shattered ! Horse & Jockey
(Time to go home !)

Shattered ! Horse & Jockey

Price: $ 19.99

This brilliant picture captures an exhausted horse and jockey after a thrilling race, slowly making...

Who ???.....Horse & Jockey
(Its a dirty job but somebody....)

Who ???.....Horse & Jockey

Price: $ 19.99

Who ??? ..... Humorous horse racing mounted picture. A horse and jockey looking the worse for wear...

Ooops !!! Rider & Horse part company
(Crash, Bang, Wallop !!!)

Ooops !!! Rider & Horse part company

Price: $ 19.99

Ooops !!! Humorous horse racing mounted picture. Horse and rider part company in rather inglorious...


"I'm Not Doing this At Every Fence !!!!!"

Price: $ 19.99

Humorous horse racing mounted picture. A horse decides he has had enough jumping for one day and...

'b-----ks!' One Unhappy Jockey !!

Price: $ 19.99

A humorous horse racing mounted picture showing a frustrated and unhappy jockey cursing his luck...

A Welcome Shower !!
(It was a tough race !)

A Welcome Shower !!

Price: $ 19.99

Its been a tough race and this horse gets a welcome shower when he gets back to the stables.