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110 Irish Button Accordian Tunes Vol 1 Double CD

2 CD Set - 110 tunes

Double CD featuring 110 Irish Tunes played by Dave Munnelly on the Irish Button Accordian. This CD is also the companion to the book of the same name.


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110 Button Accordian Tunes CD Vol 1

Collected by Dave Munnelly

This CD also accompanies the book with same title, but can also be enjoyed as a music CD in its own right.


Button Accordian: Dave Munnelly

Guitar: Gavin Ralston

Produced by Conor Long

Recorded at Waltons Recording Studios, Dublin, Ireland

Released: 2007

Condition: New



- The Wheels of the World - The Humours of Lissadell - The Ash Plant Reel - The Bantry Lasses - The Aughamore Reel - Bonnie Ann - The Cap and the Bell - The Cavan Reel - The Collier's Reel - The Coon - Crowley's No. 1 - Crowley's No. 2 - Dempsey's - Dennis Murphy's Reel - Down the Broom - The Drunken Landlady - Father Kelly's Reel - The Fermoy Lasses - The Flax in Bloom - The Galway Rambler - For the Sake of Oul' Decency - The Boy in the Gap - Alice's Reel - The Galway Reel - The Glen Allen - Handsome Sally - Good Morning to Your Night Cap - The Holy Land - The Hump in the Bed - The Kilmaly - Jenny Picking Cockles - The Little Hills of Offaly - Mama' Pot - The Maple Leaf - The Kinvara Reel - McGann's - The Leitrim Bucks - The Merry Harriers - Miss Langfords - The Movin' Pint - The Mullingar Lea - The Nine Points of Roguery - Noel Hill;s - The Old Maid of Galway - Father Grady's Trip to Bacca - The Longford Tinker - Paddy Canny's - The Plough in the Stars - Queen of May - The Noon Lassies - The Enchanted Lady - The Ruined Old Cottage - The Roscommon Reel - Molloy's - Ryans' Rant



The Sailor on the Rocks - The Taproom - The Yellow Cow - The West Wind - The Sailor's Cravat - Tae for the Beggar - Sporting Paddy - The Wedding Reel - The Touching Cloth - Three Merry Sisters of Fate - Sliabh Bloom - Upstairs in a Tent - Pig Town


Charles Hunter's Jig - A Health to the Ladies -The High Part of the Road - The Coleraine Jig - The Night Cap - The Cúil Aogha Jig - Sean Ryan's Jig - Mulligan's Jig - Jackson's Favourite - The Atholl Highlanders - The Old Hen - Contentment is Wealth - The Tenpenny Bit - Apples in Winter - My Former Wife - The Mad Jig - Paddy Fahy's - Rosemary Lane - An Port Ard - The Sporting Pitchfork - Paddy O'Brien's - The Sheep in the Boat - The Wheels of the World Jig


Bonaparte Crossing the Alps - Denis Murphy's Slide - Dances at Kinvara - the Ballroom Favourite - Bill Malley's - The High Cauled Cap - If There Were no Women - The Maids of Ardagh - Where is the Cat ? - The Cameron Highlanders - Jimmy Duffy's Barndance No. 1 - The New Broom - Jimmy Duffy's Barndance No. 2 - The Tuesday Barndance - Mrs Kenny's Barndance - Paddy Taylor's Barndance - The Scartaglen Polka - The Waltz of Happiness - The Cock and the Hen