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Turf Plaques

We have a unique selection of handcrafted turf plaques for sale in our online Irish Gifts Store. These historic products are handcrafted from carved dried Irish peat turf from 5000 year old Irish Boglands.

These products are not just a reminder of your Irish heritage, they are actually a part of Irish heritage.

You will be holding an authentic part of Irish history in your hands.



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Turf Plaques Items (viewing 1 to 15 of 24)

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Madonna - Our Lady - Turf Plaque
(500 year old Irish peat)

Madonna - Our Lady - Turf Plaque

Price: $ 35.00

The Madonna. Superb carved and polished Irish Turf Craft of Our Lady. The turf peat used is over...

Our Lady Irish Turf Holy Water Font

Our Lady Irish Turf Holy Water Font

Price: $ 39.99

Our Lady Holy Water Font. 6.5" inches tall. Beautiful serene portrait of Our Lady. The dried peat...

Irish Lucky Black Cat
(Handcrafted from Bog Oak)

Irish Lucky Black Cat

Price: $ 14.50

Black cats are traditionally thought to be lucky in Britain and Ireland. This handcrafted cat...

Claddagh Ring On Stand
(Irish Turf Handcrafted)

Claddagh Ring On Stand

Price: $ 29.99

This Claddagh Ring handcrafted in 5000 year old Irish Turf has been created to celebrate one of...

Irish Hurling Sliotar Statuette
(Handcrafted from Irish Turf)

Irish Hurling Sliotar Statuette

Price: $ 49.50

Irish Hurling Sliotar Statuette. Handcrafted from 5000 year old turf, a particularly suitable...

GAA Miniature Turf Crest Plaque
(Irish Gaelic Sports)

GAA Miniature Turf Crest Plaque

Price: $ 12.50

Miniature Turf Handcrafted Plaque featuring the crest of the GAA.. Carved and sculpted from 5000...

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